Sustainability has never looked and felt better.

The end of life for WILLOW KAY’S PHA/HEMP cosmetic jars and products will be able to biodegrade in all conditions. Made with eco-friendly polymer and hemp that can breakdown into organic matter at any stage during its existence – whether it’s on land or water!

We are not just changing the physical form of traditional single-use plastics , but also reduce emissions through a phenomenon called carbon sequestration and plastic pollution with a 100% renewable resource.

There’s no need to worry about the fate of your skincare products when you use our sustainable, biodegradable jar! You can responsibly dispose and not have a care in sight. We design these jars with materials that will be composted or recycled at facilities where their value is maximized – just like they were originally intended for- so there’s nothing lost from this earth.


PHA is an amazing, sustainable material that offers a better begin-of-life and end of life scenario than any traditional single-use plastics. It’s biosynthesized by bacteria fed on inexpensive oils from plants such as canola seeds! The process can be 100% renewable while still being very cost-effective at producing this eco-friendly polymer.”


PHA is broken down by bacteria and fungi in a similar way to cellulose or wood. When kept in an environment with limited bacterial and fungi activity, the material will last for a long time. If this material ends up being thrown out as trash then microorganisms feed off its carbon content like food!


Hemp is nature’s perfect plant. A hardy and versatile crop, it has been used for centuries to make a variety of products, medicine, clothing, and paper to building materials and biofuels. Now, as we face the daunting challenge of climate change, hemp is once again emerging as a key solution. Hemp begins sequestering carbon the moment it is seeded; conservatively, hemp cultivation yields a sequestra- tion ratio of about 1.5 units of sequestration per unit produced. In Layman’s terms, one ton of harvested hemp fiber should sequester 1.62 tons of CO2. In addition, industrial hemp is easy to grow and requires very little water. What’s more, it helps support local farmers and keeping much of the business activity contained in a circular economy. As we look for ways to build a more sustainable future, hemp is an obvious choice.

Hemp and PHA offers a more sustainable option for packaging cosmetics and other personal care products. Not only does it reduce emissions through carbon sequestration, but it also helps to prevent plastic pollution. This product is better for the environment and supports local farmers. With sustainability becoming more important to consumers, at Willow Kay we are paving the way to package our clean and green skincare in a more environmental responsible way. We believe that as a company, it is our responsibility to be innovative when it comes to sustainability, and with hemp and PHA we can provide an earth-friendly alternative to traditional plastics.