Meet Willow Kay’s Founder,
Katelynn Nguyen

Willow Kay was built from passion. We turned heartache into not just discovery, but a new goal: providing cleaner and safer cannabinoids products that even the most sensitive bodies could tolerate without harming our planet.

Willow Kay is for the conscious consumer. If you haven’t had success with traditional pain medications or if you’re looking for more natural wellness support, then Willow Kay is for you.

our story

At Willow Kay, we are passionate about the wellness of people and the environment. 

Our Founder, Katelynn Nguyen, developed a passion for CBD products after her personal experience in using CBD to manage pain after being in a car accident. After that life-changing incident, Katelynn worked for the very same CBD company that she used to get through the challenging recovery period after the accident. But it wasn’t until her niece, Willow, was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis at only one month old, that Katelynn began formulating her own CBD products.

We know firsthand the power of CBD. From Katelynn’s extensive experiences, both personally and professionally, our proprietary formulas powered by CBG + CBD were born.

Our commitment to wellness also extends to the environment, which is why all of our products arrive in eco-friendly packaging and a sustainable mailer. 

We also created the world’s first backyard compostable cosmetic jar that can break down into organic matter at any stage during its existence whether it’s on land or water.

Sustainable Formulas. Sustained Wellness.