Green Is The New Black

Black Friday? F*ck no, we’re going Green!

Happy Green Friday! Over the years, holiday shopping has gotten more and more consumer-centric and less about the spirit of giving. We want to take this opportunity to start a new tradition; the tradition of giving a f*ck about ourselves and our planet. That’s why here at Willow Kay, we do Green Friday. From clean health and beauty to sustainable swaps, our Green Friday Gift Guide is sure to delight the conservationist in your life as well as give back to the earth.

Not gifting this year? Spend more time with loved ones, plant a tree, bask in nature, commit to one sustainable swap. Let’s start a new tradition of giving a f*ck about our only planet. 


Green Beauty

Willow Kay Balancing Serum

Willow Kay Balancing Serum $57

Give your skin a boost of hydration and strengthen your skin’s microbiome with this proprietary formula. Ideal for maturing complexions and the most sensitive of skin types, this serum is free from additives, preservatives, and fillers. Calm acne breakouts, combat signs of aging, and enjoy your skin’s renewed vitality. Give the gift of ultimate skin health, and perhaps treat yourself to a bottle too! 

Why Willow Kay? At Willow Kay, we believe in clean skin health as a lifestyle without harming ourselves or our environment. Our Clean Balancing Serum boasts an ultra-absorbent and weightless feel thanks to the highly effective Squalane! Why Squalane? Sugar-caned derived Squalane mimics the oil your skin produces naturally, preventing your glands from going into overdrive. A natural and sustainable, lightweight emollient that delivers CBD & CBG better and faster than other carrier oils. Instantly hydrates with plentiful potential for skin health. Welcome to the next level of skin health!

Results-driven formulas aren’t our only forte; in addition, our ingredients are ethically sourced. When purchasing with us, you will make a direct, positive social impact – in a remote part of the world where climate change is really making an impression. Every order is shipped carbon neutral, this year Willow Kay and our customers proudly supported the Tasmanian forest protection

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*discount applies to Willow Kay and items with a min order of $39. Does not apply to sale items.


Liplove $7-$42

LIPLOVE – Clay Lip Gloss

LIPLOVE is much more than lip gloss! These plant-based beauty products are multi-purpose: beautiful on lips, eyes, and cheeks! Their sticks and tubes are available in colors to compliment any complexion. Featuring strawberry seed oil and jojoba oil for moisturized, revitalized skin. 

Why we love LIPLOVE? Initially inspired by the lack of options available for people of color in plant-based cosmetics, LIPLOVE is on a mission to empower girls and women of all ages to grow on their journey of self-love and acceptance. That’s why these easy-to-use beauty products are designed to compliment your natural beauty, not conceal.

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Sustainable Clothing

Natasha Tonic Hemp Bikini and Activewear

Natasha Tonic Hemp Mask


Willow Kay Founder in Natasha Tonic Activewear

Natasha Tonic’s unique coveted designs are constructed with a sustainable hemp blend and low-impact dyes! This fabric is antimicrobial, UV-resistant, and reduces ocean pollution of microfiber materials from polyester swimsuits. Better for your skin and the planet.

Why we love Natasha Tonic? Natasha, designer and woman behind NATASHA TONIĆ is on the forefront of innovators confronting the problem of microfiber pollution and challenging the fashion industry to change for the better. Their organic hemp collection provides people a healthier choice for their skin and for the planet. The designs are truly bold, distinguishable, and act as lingerie, bodysuits, or activewear. Ideal for all seasons and reduces unnecessary waste.

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Sustainable Essentials under $25

Kooshoo certified fair trade hair accessories

You will be kooshoo (feeling good) once you secure these revolutionary hair solutions made from certified fair trade organic cotton. Hair ties, head bands, and scrunchies are available in a variety of colors, are plastic-free, and biodegradable!

Nov 22-29th 25% off store wise.

Use code at check out: FEELGOODFRIDAY


Bees Wrap food storage 

If you bee-lieve in reducing your plastic consumption, we’ve got something to show you! Bee’s Wrap offers food storage solutions made from beeswax, cotton, organic plant oil, and tree resin. Replace your plastic bag food storage habits with these reusable, washable, and compostable wraps. You can get a variety of sizes, or grab yourself a sheet for a custom fit!

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Zero Waste Sponge Cloth

These adorable sponge cloths are a simple sustainable swap, and are fully biodegradable at the end of their 200-wash lifespan. Each cloth replaces up to 17 rolls of paper towels, saving resources, landfill space, and money! This is a gift you can proudly present to the eco lover in your life.

*This is not a sponsorship or affiliated promotion.

As always, we would love to connect with our community and you can email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you. 

Written by Katelynn Nguyen and Jennika Grovenburg

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